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A Quick Look into Varsity Lacrosse

An inside look into the dynamics of the varsity lacrosse team

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Although the spring season is coming to a close, I have had the pleasure of watching the Varsity lacrosse team grow this whole season. I have the perspective of an audience to this thriving team due to an injury but I wanted to get an important opinion on the season and the future of this team so I contacted the three captains: Senior Ally Furnari, Senior Julia Piet, and Junior Mary McWright. I asked all three the same 4 questions and was thrilled with the responses I received.

I asked how they felt going into the season, how they think the team chemistry is this season and what role they think it plays on the field, what their expectations for playoffs and the rest of the season are, and what do they enjoy doing as captain? I wanted to get their personal opinions as leaders of this team. This season is one greatly anticipated due to our new coaching staff and great talent.

All three captains said that they were really excited coming into the season this year because of the new coaches and new faces that joined the team. As for the team chemistry, Mary McWright said that “Our team chemistry both on and off the field is so strong. We go from having laughing conversations in the hallways to competing for ground balls on the field. We all want to see each other succeed and always have each others backs.” Team chemistry is extremely important in all sports so having such a close knit team on and off the field really sets us apart from other teams. The captains are all really looking forward to the rest of the season and playoffs. Julia Piet said that “This team has a ton of potential” and that “We can go really far in playoffs if we play like we know how to.” Ally Furnari also mentioned that during playoffs she expects the team “Takes each game as it comes and one day at a time, and honestly just have fun because that is when we do our best.” Playoffs are extremely competitive every year and the Lions are really hoping to make it far this year.

Each captain had something unique to say about what they enjoy doing as captain and all of their answers perfectly explain why they were chosen to be this years Varsity captains. Mary McWright says she “loves getting the team super hype for each game and the constant support from each team member. We are all so comfortable with each other that it helps to improve parts of our game as a whole.” Ally Furnari said she “enjoys setting up the team with new activities and fun things to do to bond.” She loves seeing everyone have a good time and just really enjoys being with everyone all the time. Last but not least Julia Piet said she “really enjoy working with the other captains to help ensure the success of the team and to help the team grow as best she can.” This season will definitely be one to remember and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!

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A Quick Look into Varsity Lacrosse