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The 5,000 Dollar Question

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Schools (including Maryvale) seem to always be looking for ways that they can improve their school and facilities, which means that there is often a fundraiser in the works or a campaign going on.   These events are crucial for the innovation and success of a school.

When one hears about a fundraiser, one is usually told where the money will be going. The Senior Bingo proceeds are going to the Senior Prom, the Nalley Fresh Night is going towards Junior Ring and so on; however, we don’t normally hear about all of the ideas out teachers have for growing and bettering out beautiful school that don’t necessarily become a fundraiser.

Several weeks ago, Mrs. Randisi sent out information about a Barnes and Noble competition where students had the opportunity to win teachers 5,000 dollars for their school. This immediately got me thinking, what would our teachers do with $5,000? What are the proximate changes that need to be made to our school and what programs would be beneficial for the Maryvale community? This led me to start asking teachers the 5,000 dollar question. What would you do if you were given $5,000 to put towards anything within the Maryvale community?  Some teachers answered immediately on the spot because they’d already had ideas for changes that could be made at Maryvale. Other teachers took some time to think about it and spoke to me at a later time. But, every teacher or member of the Maryvale staff I spoke to had something interesting and innovative to share:

Mrs. DeVan  Would put the money towards help with retreats.

 Mrs. Tilghman would make sure Maryvale had beautiful material for liturgies. She especially wants a particular image of Mary running. She wants to have beautiful backdrops that girls can look at and appreciate during liturgy. Finally, she would like to have excellent speakers come in to talk about faith. 

Mrs. Jacobs would like tables in her classroom instead of desks for discussion and collaboration purposes because she teaches primarily discussion classes. She also would want more maps as reference points in her classroom. Ideally, she would also want a subscription for each student for daily newspapers and more field trips in relation to her classes.

Mrs. Matthews would like to help fund service projects for the school. There are students at Maryvale that have financial aid and cannot afford to take a summer service.

Mr. Denton would like to obtain multiple copies of all of the books that we teach for students who struggle financially or don’t have access to digital books. He would also like to develop a functional broadcasting studio for the school, and have students train in its use. Finally, he would like to use it to invite more speakers with experience with writing to the campus and talk about how it relates to their lives in the every day world.

Mrs. Manuel would like to take students on field trips to see plays related to literature. An example would be, taking girls to see Othello at Towson when they’re reading Othello. In regards to the theater, she would like to take those students on field trips to see something professional for the benefit of Maryvale production

Ms. Peer would like to have everyone in the English department go to the Shakespeare festival in Utah or take students to the Shakespeare theater for DC.

Mrs. Dicriscio would like to have more resources for students in the math classroom.

Dr. O’Neill would get the broken microscopes fixed and she would get radiospectrometers, which looks at wavelengths of light in objects

Mrs. George  Make sure that every student had a laptop or access to a laptop.    She would set up a permanent travel program for Maryvale students so that more students had the opportunity to travel to Spanish speaking countries. 

Mrs. Barnett was one of the teachers that had to think about what sh would use the money for, but when she did think about it, she realized there were so many things she would want to use the money for.   A few ideas were to start a full Latin course. She would also like to start an interdisciplinary cultural experience across romance languages. That would entail learning more about the cultures of languages. An example would be studying art replicas that entailed all of the romance languages and look at how certain artists impacted different cultures.

Dr. Shin would use the money for scholarships and financial aid.

Ms. Selmon would put some of the money to wellness programming for students such as yoga or other wellness activities. She would also plan game nights or family nights for girls to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Mrs. Fitzgibbon  When asked this question Mrs. Fitzgibbon’s response was nearly instantaneous, she would buy a kiln for the art department so that students can fire their pottery.

Mrs. Weselowski In lieu of recent shootings, Mrs. Weselowski would use the money to strengthen Campus security and would also invest in comfy furniture for the library.

Mr. Lund would bring in a series of speakers to talk to students about writing and communications. Bring in writers, people in advertising, public relations, to see some of the aesthetics and artistic and practical applications of language study,

Mrs. Lanahan would likes to get nicer showers in the locker rooms. She would also like to create a garden that could be run by students. The garden would have a type of food plant and that food could be given to the Marian house or another like that to incorporate service into it, that way, it would “come to a full circle”



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The 5,000 Dollar Question